Yung-Yu Chen

My research focuses on numerical solutions of partial differential equations (PDEs) of the first-order, quasi-linear form:

\dpd{\bvec{u}}{t} + \sum_{\iota=1}^3 \dpd{\bvec{f}(\bvec{u})}{x_{\iota}}
= \bvec{s}(\bvec{u})
\quad \Rightarrow \quad
+ \sum_{\iota=1}^3 \mathrm{A}^{(\iota)}(\bvec{u})\dpd{\bvec{u}}{x_{\iota}}
= \bvec{s}(\bvec{u})

which are of the applications in modeling compressible flows, acoustic waves, stress waves, and electromagnetic waves, by using the space-time Conservation Element and Solution Element (CESE) method (see The CESE Method). I am also interested in supercomputing on heterogeneous architecture and high-performance software systems.